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Kelly Mack

Kelly Mack
Kelly Mack was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age two in 1979. RA affects all her joints and she uses a wheelchair to help with mobility. She’s had both her hips and knees replaced at age 15. Besides enjoying time with her husband and reading, Kelly likes to travel and visit her family. Read more.

Figure relaxing with eyes closed and headphones on with music notes and a rainbow coming from the headphones

Music Therapy

During many years of ups and downs with rheumatoid arthritis, music has been a constant companion for providing comfort. I

Guinea Pig

I need to start by saying I am incredibly grateful to have found a medication that is making a difference

A collection of remote with pills replacing the button.

Not Cured Yet

The first blood test result after starting my new medication, I actually didn’t believe it. I thought there was an