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Michael Booth

Michael Booth
Michael Booth is a PhD student in Public Health, Health Behavior Health Education. He is a father of two, a husband, stepfather, and athlete. Michael was diagnosed with RA in 2014 and writes primarily on how to live a fulfilling life with chronic illness. Read more.


The journey of the lone protagonist, forgotten and consigned to oblivion, is the plot of innumerable movies, dramas, novels, and

Biosimilar Update

This past year, the FDA approved three biosimilars for use in rheumatology. A biosimilar to Remicade, called Inflectra, launched in late

RA Naiveté

An illusory correlation is a logical fallacy that denotes assigning a causal relationship to two events when in fact they

The Tell Tale Sign

“Illness is definitely not elegant, and certainly not venerable.” — Ludivico Settembrini in The Magic Mountain As I walked through the lobby