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Nan Hart

Nan Hart
Nan is currently in her 21st year as Executive Director of three elder service programs in Vermont. She was diagnosed in 1996 with RA. She feels that as odd as it sounds, suffering with a chronic disease like RA has "gifted" her with a much deeper appreciation for EVERYTHING from nature to her family to the simplest pleasures in life. Read more

Let’s Dance

Ok, so I know what you are thinking….this woman is crazy to suggest dancing to people who live with joint

An example of a woman before and after the moon face effect.

Face to Face

A positive self-image is challenging under the best of circumstance, but when you have a disease like RA, self-image takes

Heating Up

In this video, I describe the benefits of using heat to manage the discomfort of RA joint pain. I talk

Keeping It Simple

RA has so many complexities; keeping everything as simple as possible can be beneficial to us. In this video, I

Health Worrying

I have recently come to the stark realization that having a chronic disease for nearly 20 years has caused me