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Nan Hart

Nan Hart
Nan is currently in her 21st year as Executive Director of three elder service programs in Vermont. She was diagnosed in 1996 with RA. She feels that as odd as it sounds, suffering with a chronic disease like RA has "gifted" her with a much deeper appreciation for EVERYTHING from nature to her family to the simplest pleasures in life. Read more

RA Habits

Here are some ways to manage day-to-day habits pertaining to RA. Nan gives some tips on organizing all RA

Spring Ahead

Season changes, especially the transition to spring, something everyone looks forward to. But for those living with RA, it

Lucky Me!

Being Irish and having a husband who is Irish meant we both grew up hearing about the luck of the


Hydration is a key to good health. In this video, I explore the crucial need to stay hydrated, especially
I can relate

I Can Relate

Establishing and maintaining solid, supportive relationships while juggling the demands of a chronic disease like RA is challenging

Winter Blues

So far, this winter season has brought with it brutal cold, even for folks who live beyond the usual

Love Thyself

In this month devoted to love, take the time to pamper yourself a bit…here a just a few ways.