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Tamara Haag

Tamara Haag
Diagnosed with RA in 2000 at the age of 22, Tamara has been balancing the demands of family, work, and school with disease management for over a decade. When she can carve out the time, she enjoys reading, yoga, amateur photography and writing. Read more.

Man sunken into couch in exhaustion. There is a cloud representing exhaustion, brain fog, and heaviness around his head

Legit Beat

Denial is a powerful coping mechanism. Sometimes the depth of a tragedy is too much to bear, and denial allows

Hand holding phone with a sun, and alarm icon, and a task icon on it.

Morning Reset

Never a morning person, living with rheumatoid arthritis/rheumatoid disease [RA/RD] shifted the start of the day from non-preferred to a

Maroon hand pushing the face of a male figure with horizontal lines behind him

Too Close for Comfort

There are many things to hate about rheumatoid arthritis/rheumatoid disease [RA/RD]. There’s the pain, immobility, and crippling fatigue. There’s the