My RA Quiz:

I am ready to take action and consider a new course of treatment

  • I am willing to try new treatment options in hope of finding some relief
  • As my RA progresses, I’m concerned about what my life will look like
  • It is important to me that my voice is heard when choosing a treatment

RA and You

Living with RA can feel like a juggling act. From managing symptoms to family responsibilities, life can be challenging – even stressful. Miss out on another family celebration because of a flare? At times, it seems like RA is putting your life on pause. And coping with the limitations can be downright exhausting.

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Life with RA

With each flare, you may become increasingly worried about disease progression. Progression differs from person to person and there is no clear way to predict how it will advance. Treatment options and lifestyle changes can help you manage your RA symptoms and slow or prevent progression. Together with your doctor, you can develop a personalized plan of action.

How Long Have You Been Living with RA?




Treatment Options

Chances are you have tried multiple treatment plans by this point with varying levels of success. Finding the right treatment is an ongoing process. A treatment’s effectiveness can change over time – and that means you may need to find another solution. For many living with RA, it is no wonder why this trial-and-error process is so frustrating. You realize the importance of being your own advocate and making sure your voice is heard when exploring treatment options.

Finding Balance

When you have RA, life is full of ups and downs. So, how do you find balance? There is not a single solution that works for everyone, but there is almost certainly a solution that can help you achieve and maintain the balance you need.