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While most of us know that new medicines to treat rheumatoid arthritis are being examined in clinical trials, few of us actually have the tools to access those trials. We want you to have a place to share your voice and really make a difference in the future of RA treatment. The TrialLink initiative is a novel way to connect patients with researchers.

What sort of research is being conducted for people like me?

There are many ways to take part in research, one of which is to participate in a clinical trial.

  •  Treatment efficacy & safety:  This could mean taking part in a study for a new treatment that is in development, or even for an existing medication that is now being examined in RA.
  •  Trial design and drug development:  Researchers may also look for your feedback in the design of clinical trial or the treatment itself (for instance – should it be an injection or a pill?).
  •  Behavioral and impact studies: Other research focuses on gathering information about how people with RA manage their condition and how it impacts their daily lives. Results from our own RA In America survey demonstrate the far-reaching impact of RA.

Why does this matter?

No one understands what it is like to live with RA better than the RA community! Taking part in cutting edge research or providing input on how studies are conducted will have a direct impact on those living with RA.

How do I find out about new research opportunities?

When new research opportunities become available, we will share those with our registered community members via email

Stay tuned for updates regarding this exciting program! 

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