RA: Not Just Joints or Bones But So Much More

The Rheumatoid Arthritis In America 2017 online survey gathered insights from over 3,000 individuals currently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

For most people RA means stuff painful joints in different parts of their body.

Body parts impacted by RA

While joint pain is a dominating symptom, people living with RA also have to manage several other symptoms, as our community members have told her time and again. On an average, 10.7 symptoms are experienced by those living with RA.

RA symptoms experienced apart from pain

And there’s not just the RA symptoms that those living with this chronic condition have to deal with and manage, there’s also the comorbidities.

RA comorbidities

Those living with chronic condition are also no stranger to impact it has on their mental health. RAIA 2017 data shows us that of all the respondents (who live with RA) about 25% of them also live with mood disorders like depression. So many of our contributors and other community members have also documented how RA impacts their mental health and the link between chronic conditions and depression, a well-researched topic.

RA impacts mental health apart from physical health too

Adding to RA’s impact on mental health is the fact that those living with RA also have to compromise on their quality of life. Living with a chronic conditions such as RA, means giving up on a lot of things these people see as pertinent to their identity and sense of self.

RA has an impact of one's Quality of Life

These findings provide us a glimpse the physical, emotional, and mental burden those living with a chronic condition like RA have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and the perseverance and determination that these individuals possess.

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