Ask the Experts: What was Your First Reaction When you Were Diagnosed?

Our Experts helped us paint a picture of what their first reaction was when they heard about their diagnosis. Here some of their answers:

Kelly Mack

I actually do not remember when I was diagnosed because I was just two years old. I remember as a small child being confused because I knew I had an illness and was different from other children. My parents were great at explaining what RA was and how it was attacking my joints. I understood at an early age that I had an autoimmune condition, that my immune system was attacking my bones. We had discussions about not knowing how it would impact my health and how important it was to take my medications, do my exercises, and keep up with treatments. I was always very involved in my health, from knowing my medications and dosages to understanding my blood tests. While a lot of fear came from the uncertainty of my health and periodic flare-ups, I also felt empowered as much as possible for my self-care.

Monica Sengupta

Relief. It was nice to know there was something behind all the nasty symptoms I was experiencing. I wondered why I was so tired and painful. I assumed I was unhappy or bored but it turned out the symptoms were not in my head!

Leanne Donaldson

Honestly, when I first heart my "official" diagnosis, I was relieved. I know it sounds strange, but I had spent nearly a year searching for answers. I had so many tests, doctor appointments, and second opinions that I was beginning to doubt my own sanity. I was so relieved to at least have an answer that I didn't really have a lot of extra energy to be angry or upset.

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