Asking for Help

Jars-HU-May2016People who have rheumatoid arthritis are just like everyone else. We work for a living, have families and friends, shop and run errands and play. Many of us have hobbies and pursue our passions with dedication and joy. We want to do everything we can--just like anyone.

But sometimes, the unpredictable joint stiffness, pain, fatigue, and malaise that this persnickety autoimmune disease frequently causes can force us to slow down. Sometimes we simply have to stop, take care of ourselves, and heal. And while most of us resist it for as long as we can, sometimes, we just have to ask for help.

The guy with RA above is frustrated and a bit humiliated about having to ask for help--like so many of us. But I've found the perfect answer to opening those maddening jars: a jar key! Check it out!

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