Community Tips for RA Friendly Clothing

Community Tips for RA Friendly Clothing

Clothing can sometimes define our uniqueness - it gives us a sense of style and can define who we are. However, many in the RA community struggle with the day to day functionality of our clothing. So, we asked our Facebook Community this question: Do you have tips for RA-friendly clothing based on comfort, temperature control, clasps, etc? 

The clothing ideas that so many of you came up with is clothing that makes you comfortable, has easy functionality, and all in all makes you FEEL good. Check out some of the suggestions!

What makes certain clothes RA friendly?

Basic requirements:

  • Cotton
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • No Buttons
  • No Clasps
  • Stretchy
  • Slip On
  • Velcro
  • Elastic Waist Bands
  • Spiral Laces
  • Thin Layers

For the top:

  • Pull Over Tunics
  • Camis
  • Hoodies
  • Baggy Tops
  • Tee Shirts
  • Overalls
  • Zip Up Vest

For the legs:

  • Leggings
  • Yoga Pants
  • Jag Jeans
  • Sweat Pants
  • Cotton capris
  • Perfect Fit Pants (LLBean)

For the feet:

  • Sketchers Go Walks
  • Crocs
  • Pedor Shoes
  • Fit Flops
  • Tom’s
  • Merrells
  • Earth Orgins
  • Ryka Shoes
  • Pull on Ankle Booties
  • Compression Socks
  • Loafers
  • Ian’s
  • Wolky’s
  • Paul Green High Tops

A dress to impress:

  • Cotton Dresses with Tie
  • Maxi Dresses


  • Front Clasp Bras
  • Compression Socks

Places to shop:

  • Etsy (Silkandmore)
  • Old Navy
  • Susan Graver (Liquid Knit Dress)
  • LLBean
  • Lularoe

What features do you consider when purchasing clothing?
Please post your comments and share your thoughts below.

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