Has Coffee Been Making Me Sick?

For those who know me, you know that ever since college, I have been an unabashed coffee addict.  To the point that my boyfriend told me that no one should be subjected to me until I’ve had my coffee in the morning.

It’s not that I drink so much coffee a day.  It’s more that I literally couldn’t function until I got coffee running through my veins.  Drinking coffee was basically the first thing I would do in the morning.

But a few months ago, I lost my taste for coffee.  Just like that.  I realized I was trying to chug it down, but it was really hard for me to stomach.  The drink that I formerly loved tasted awful.

I can drink coffee now, as long as it has lots of milk and sugar in it, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of drinking it.  However, most of the time I drink it now, it makes me feel jittery and awful, which I have never experienced before.

I have a lot of ideas about why this may have happened, but none of them seem correct.

I haven’t had any significant medication changes.

I tried cleaning my coffee maker.  No difference.  I tried coffee from a variety of different coffee shops.  No difference.

And no, I am not pregnant!

The one thing I have noticed is that I feel better.  I have more energy.  This could be the result of an increased dose of medication plus adding a daily supplement, but I think it must also have something to do with cutting coffee out of my life.

I’m shocked that doing this cold turkey was much easier than I ever imagined it would be.  I am able to get up in the morning and function without coffee.

I did some trusty internet research on this, and the evidence is really mixed about coffee and its impact on RA.  However, there is some research that RA can be caused by drinking too much coffee.

To clarify, when I say I’m a coffee addict, I would need to have it first thing in the morning to get going.  Maybe I would have another cup or two.  But the research that suggests drinking coffee can increase the risk of RA, suggests that you would have to drink 11 cups a day.  11 cups a day!!!

I’ve never been one of those people who subscribes to the gluten free, dairy free, soy free, everything free thing diet.   It’s just not my thing.  Props to people who do it, though, as I know some people experience real improvements in their disease activity by really watching what they put into their bodies.

I will say, however, that in the case of coffee, I do think that it might have been having a negative impact on my body, and I simply didn’t realize it until I had to give it up because I could no longer stand the taste of it.

The connection between RA and coffee consumption is not fully understood.  I have heard that drinking decaf coffee is bad when you have RA, but I’ve never found a clear explanation for why that is the case.

Regardless of what science says, my body has told me that it’s time to give it up.  And while I’m sad that I can no longer drink coffee, my wallet is grateful for no longer having to buy K-cups or going to Starbucks all the time.

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