Health Tracking Apps

One of the things I like about the advent of the smartphone is the ability to track my health through various apps. It’s great because having them on my phone makes them very portable and convenient. I’ve actually used a bunch and enjoy discovering new apps to add to my health arsenal.

Useful health apps

Most of these apps have a free version. I have found this great for testing out whether an app will be useful for me then if there’s other features I want to use, I will pay for the full version.

Nutrition and diet

MyFitnessPal — I use this for tracking my diet. You can set up nutrition goals and track all your meals and snacks. It’s got a lot of great features for scanning food, adding recipes, tracking goals, and more. You can also add in exercise. If hydration is a goal you can even track how many glasses of water you drink a day. It’s so helpful that I look at it with my dietician and discuss when we have a check-in.

Meditation practice

Calm — This app has helped me with my meditation practice. It’s got a short (10 minute) daily meditation and also lots of options and custom series (such as for anxiety, relaxing to sleep, and more). It tracks my practice and sends me reminders to meditate every day.

Sleep and snoring

SnoreLab — I used this app as an informal sleep test before having my official sleep study. It’s really easy to use. Just turn it on and it listens while you sleep. In the morning you get an analysis of your sleep from the sound collected through the microphone. Unfortunately, this is how I confirmed that I am an “Epic” snorer! But if you are working on sleep quality, this is a good way to start and you get a number of sessions free before having to pay for the full version.

myAir — This is the app that is attached to my sleep apnea machine. After an hour or so following turning off the machine in the morning, I can log into the app and see results from the night’s sleep. It will tell me how long I used the mask (aiming for at least seven hours), if it leaked too much (meaning I need a mask fit adjustment), and the number of sleep apnea incidents. It also provides a total score so that I know every night how I did and track my usage over time.

Joint and pain relief

MassageEnvy — I am a member of MassageEnvy, which means I pay a monthly fee and can go in for a one-hour massage every month. I have found massage to be really helpful for my joints and for pain relief. However, it was too expensive for me to go monthly until I found this service. Every month I have paid for a one-hour massage credit. The app helps me find therapists, book appointments, customize my massage, and track my previous visits. It’s really handy!

Looking for an RA app

I have also tried other apps that were not that helpful and soon deleted. For example, one of my previous biologics had an app that I tried and didn’t find useful for any of my needs. I am wondering if it may be good for there to be an RA app (perhaps there is and I haven’t found it!) to track symptoms, daily pain, and test results. It would need to be able to secure the information for me to feel comfortable sharing these details, but I would be open to trying out something like this.

Would love to hear what other apps people use and find helpful for tracking aspects of their health. Send your suggestions, please!

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