Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...But, I guess, please come back another day.

Similar to Prednisone, I have a love-hate relationship with rain and humidity. I think rain is a beautiful thing that washes away dirt and grime, promotes good health and growth, and is just clean. Rain cleanses the earth and it is a beautiful thing.

One of my deep fascinations is thunderstorms. I love them! I can’t tell you exactly what I love about them, I just do. I am extremely lucky that where I live we get flash thunderstorms during the spring and summer. One moment, it’s bright and sunny. The next, it’s dark, yellow, and pouring rain. Then, two minutes later the sky has cleared, the sun is back, and everything is clean.

Sinus headaches brought on by humidity

As much as I love the rain, I have also developed some not so great feelings towards it. I have written at length about my sinus issues. Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve had chronic sinusitis that caused some intense headaches and flares.

They were so bad I often missed school because I couldn’t lift my head, handle the bright overhead lights, or, really function. Yes, there were allergen triggers but I found that the environmental humidity triggered me far worse. I suffered the most during the spring and summer.

I went away to Colorado for university and my sinusitis symptoms stopped altogether! Honestly, I didn’t even notice until I came home for the holidays and I’d get those pesky headaches again.

RA flare-ups with heavy humidity

Sinus issues aside, in recent years, my RA also flares in heavy humidity. This is a relatively new phenomenon - like, two or three years - and a very annoying development.

I don’t swell up, get a fever, or feel pain but, I always feel..."spongey." I don’t even know how to explain that. My joints feel...elastic? I flare-up.

I do enjoy rainy days

And, it’s so irritating too, because I LOVE the rain. I can watch the rain actively for however long it stays. I am glued to the window when a thunderstorm comes and I wish I could go outside and sit on the steps and just enjoy it all.

Interestingly, I hate being wet. I won’t stand in it, but I’ll certainly wait under the protection of an awning or garage.

I would be thrilled if it rained all day, every day. The bleak, grey feel doesn’t bother me one bit. Winter and fall are so boring to me because it never rains. Life is better with rain.

But the rain makes me feel lousy

This really reminds me of my relationship with Prednisone. I love that it is the best medication ever, but why does it make me feel so lousy? Why does rain, my best friend, make me feel so rotten?

I wish I knew why I started flaring from it. I was not always so sensitive to it (RA-wise). Then, I can stop flaring and enjoy it EVERY TIME!

I wonder, my sinusitis symptoms were spurred by inflammation. My RA is inflammatory. Maybe rain and I were never meant to be.

Are you sensitive to humidity? Do you flare up when it rains? Let me know in the comments!

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