You Must Laugh a Lot

I was recently scrolling through lots of old photos on my phone with the intent to delete some that I didn't want or need anymore. When looking through my "Screenshots" album, I saw numerous shots I had taken of different quotes and memes that I had seen online and liked. Most of these pics and quotes were health-related (RA, chronic pain, chronic illness) and messages of encouragement and inspiration.

Although one thing I noticed was that several of them were also quite funny, often in a silly or a dry, dark-humored way. The following posts are some of those Instagram screenshots that made me smile or laugh. Enjoy!

5 humorous posts about living with chronic illness

1. You weren't born to just pay bills and die. You must suffer a lot. 

When jokes are truly funny, it's usually because they are dead-on, spot-on TRUE about some aspect of life. They somehow reveal a truth, but in a funny and clever way. This quote made me laugh because, well...paying bills, suffering, and dying, yep, that's life. It's the daily, soulless grind of adulthood with some extra chronic illness suffering added on top! Maybe it's a bitter and cynical way to look at things, but it struck me as funny. There are many days when this quote rings pretty darn true.

2. Prednisone: The all-the-time eating, shaking, bone thinning, weight gaining, B!@&h making, so you can never sleep again medicine! 

TRUTH! So true, so funny. And I love to hate on the "Devil's Tic Tacs" with the rest of you, yes I do.

3. You: Why do I feel terrible?
     Body: Coffee is not a meal
     Body: Eat a vegetable
     Body: Sleep
     You: Guess we'll never know
     Body: oh my God  

This quote cracks me up because it reminds me of the ditzy side of my personality. I forget things, I'm unorganized, and I don't always do what I'm supposed to do to take care of my health. Why do I feel bad? Beats me! I'll just drink 20 Diet Cokes a day and stay up all night watching true crime TV shows. Add some White Castle sliders to that, too.

4. That moment when you realize you are the smartest person in the room...and you're in the doctor's office.

Ha! Ahem...(cough) yep.

5. Whenever you're feeling sudden calm, it's because I took your voodoo doll out for a picnic on a grassy hill.

Last but certainly not least, I think this is my favorite quote out of all of these. Why? I don't's just this very goofy and silly-absurd way to think about and acknowledge chronic pain and illness. The quote makes me laugh because there's an aspect of truth to it, surrounded by the ridiculousness.

I had never thought to make the comparison before, but I guess I do feel like I could have a voodoo doll, with someone (or something) else controlling my body and life. It's actually a great analogy of what it's like for a person to have RA. The unpredictability of the disease can often feel like someone is piercing your body with very sharp objects, randomly stabbing this joint and that, with no rhyme or reason to the painful madness. Stab, stab, kick, punch, burn, twist, pound, cut, stab....!

And dear RA, or master of my voodoo doll, please do take my doll out for a nice, calm picnic on a grassy hill someday soon. Even if just for a day. She needs a break!

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