Literally Sweating The Small Stuff

Sometimes arthritis just stinks.

I’ve described before what it’s like to get stuck in clothes when you are at a store and in a fitting room, shopping by yourself.

But lately, if I’m trying to put a coat or sweater on, it takes extra effort.  I feel like I’m 80 years old.

I can’t get my arms that far behind myself.

Which leads to the next thing.

I have to ask my boyfriend for help putting my bra on.  It’s humiliating, although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind (wink wink).

But it’s getting a little ridiculous.

What’s the point of taking a shower in the morning when you end up working up a sweat just trying to put your bra on? 

When my boyfriend isn’t around, I either have to sweat it out until I am able to hook the bra, which involves throwing my arms back behind, grabbing each side of the bra as hard as I can, and then trying, mostly futilely, to get the hooks hooked.

Or I give up and opt for the much less supportive but much easier to maneuver sports bra.

Granted, I know there are bras out there with front closures.  An online search even suggests that there is a specific bra for arthritis that not only has a front closure, but it is Velcro.

The problem?  They’re just not sexy.  At.  All.  And they don’t have cute and creative names.  They have model numbers.  What am I doing?  Buying a car? 

I just want to be able to get dressed in peace.  I don’t want to have to ask for help when I can’t maneuver to hook my own bra.

And now that I’m approaching my 30s, it’s not even as much about the bra being pretty, although that’s a definite plus, it’s also about the girls needing some major support.

And steroid weight gain has done some interesting things.  My boyfriend likes my increased boob-age, but I just find it annoying, uncomfortable, and frustrating.

I know that in the grand scheme, there are other, more severe limitations that are present in my life because of arthritis.

But sometimes, you literally end up sweating the small stuff, like not being able to latch your bra.

And you just have to let it out to those who know will understand, because you know, my boyfriend’s not complaining.

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