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Being Irish and having a husband who is Irish meant we both grew up hearing about the luck of the Irish and other wonderful clichés about good luck. My husband has a favorite saying he used to share with our sons as they were growing up that I always thought was not only a great motivator but remarkably accurate, as we moved through life.  It states “luck is opportunity meeting preparation.”  Let’s talk about this and how it relates to RA management.

Most of us think of good luck as entirely happenstance but the fact is luck is associated with positivity meeting reality so if you think of it that way, being prepared for it makes sense.

Being prepared

Let me give you an example of how this might unfold in a real life scenario.  A person (let’s call her Mary) goes out for a drink with a friend and during that evening is introduced to someone (let’s call her Jane) who is looking for a new employee to fill a certain position in her company.  Mary has gone to school, studied and prepared to fill this exact position.  She has even worked in this field for a bit.  Lately, she has decided to go out and be more proactive to find what she wants career-wise. Thus, she decided to go out with her friend and be more social.  Jane was impressed with Mary and arranged for a full blown interview for the next day! We all may characterize this as “luck” but the truth is Mary “prepared” for this and then took the “opportunity” that led to her “luck”.   This is only one example of how luck actually unfolds in life, but you will find that most, if not all of them, have an element of preparation meeting opportunity.

So how does this tie into RA management?  Well here is my example.  When I was first dealing with the myriad of treatment options for RA, I decided to “prepare” myself for being part of the decision making process so that when I met my Rheumatologist (my opportunity) I would be able to speak with a knowledge and confidence that would allow me to choose the right treatment for me, which I likely would have characterized as being lucky if my first choice worked and was agreed to by the physician!  Again, preparation meeting opportunity!  Here is another one.  I have worked for several years now as a certified Tai Chi instructor.  I took the necessary training and I keep it updated all the time.  The place where I workout/swim has exercise classes, though not Tai Chi.  One day, after my swim, I was chatting with another member (opportunity) about my Tai Chi background (preparation) and the Class Coordinator at the club came up to me and asked if I would be interested in teaching there.  Luck? Well as I define it, yes.

So what does this suggest to us?  To me, it further encourages me to stay up to date on my RA knowledge in all areas, be open to others who may be in need of my support, and to stay engaged in life.  Because one never knows when the preparation meeting opportunity may gift you with the luckiest day of your life!


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