It's a Good Day!

Did the heading make you smile? What do you think of when it’s a good day? How do you decide it’s a good day? How much will you do on your good day? Do you pace yourself or go full steam ahead?

A good day versus a bad day

We all know what a BAD DAY is. However, GOOD DAYS depend upon your own definition. We are all unique and what constitutes a GOOD DAY differs. Sometimes, when I read about all that others are able to accomplish on their good days, I feel envious. Other times, I am amazed! GOOD days seem to have a broad continuum:

I can get out of bed with minimal pain ----- The sky is beautiful---------I’m going hiking!

Comparisons to others can diminish our good days

It’s vitally important not to compare ourselves to others. When comparing, we diminish our own good days. Remember the continuum. For me, a good day is when I can meet a friend for lunch, enjoy church choir with minimal pain, or make a quick trip through the grocery store. For others, it might be rock climbing or the gym. We all are somewhere along the continuum.

Know what your good days look like

What’s important is that we all have good days; we just don’t always recognize them as such. So make sure you compare your good days to your other good days, not someone else’s good days.

Making it a good day

Years ago, the anchor on Good Morning America would end the broadcast saying, “Go out and make it a good day!” I always loved that concept. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could do that. I must admit: since RD/RA, I have not been making this my practice. Recently, I found myself enjoying my coffee instead of just drinking it so I could battle the brain fog. That same day, the sky was beautiful and I realized something. I was actually noticing things around me, not just my pain. Somedays the pain is so terrible that all we can think of is how to manage. But on those other days, I forget to “make it a good day”.

Intentionally focusing on the best things

Now I have a plan. Maybe you’ll join me? I am intentionally focusing on the best things. This morning, I woke up without brain fog and balance issues. That’s a good day. On the days where getting from the bedroom to the bathroom is all I can accomplish, I’m blessed to have a work environment that understands. This is different than counting your blessings, although I do that too. This is intentional work that makes a difference.

Be cautious of pushing yourself on a good day

Do you push yourself on good days and then suffer a bad day? Or, are you like me: my body quickly tells me if I’m pushing too hard. At first, I kept pushing, thinking I had to catch up on everything in one day. Then the next three days were very bad, awful days. For some, pushing is good for them. For me, it’s critical that I do not push.

To push or not to push?

So on my good days, I will do one load of laundry, OR clean the kitchens counters, OR run errands and maybe meet a friend for lunch. That way, I have more good or okay days. Most importantly, we have to determine what works best for us.

Enjoy your good days and make more of them!

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