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Managing RA-Related Fatigue

Managing RA-Related Fatigue

Community Question: Is there a way to treat RA related fatigue? My doctor has not referred me to a specialist but my current treatment of naproxen is not helping with all my symptoms.

Response from Andrew Lumpe:

lumpe-andrew-thumbFatigue is one of the hardest symptoms of RA with which to deal. Over the years I’ve found that when RA is under control, the fatigue levels are better. But it tends to be an up and down ride. There is no direct treatment for the fatigue. Most rheumatologists believe that if they can get the disease under control, pain and fatigue will get in line. I hope you get connected with a good rheumatologist soon and find a treatment combination that works for you!

Response from Mariah Z. Leach:

DSC_0855Fatigue can be one of the most frustrating aspects of RA and unfortunately it can be very difficult to manage. However, if you feel that your doctor is not listening to your concerns that is not ok and you probably need to consider getting a new doctor. If you have RA you need to be seeing a rheumatologist to make sure you have access to the best treatments to prevent long term joint damage and destruction. Some of these treatments can also help with fatigue! If your doctor will not refer you to a rheumatologist find a new doctor or find a rheumatologist on your own! Your doctor is supposed to be your teammate – taking your concerns into consideration and helping you achieve (as close as possible) the life you want. You should not have to fight your doctor because you have enough on your plate already!


  • Eva McCue Wilson
    6 years ago

    Fatigue. I deal with RA and also Fibromyalgia. What has helped me the most that my rheumatologist has prescribed is: Vit D 50,000 mg 1 x a week (RX), B12 Sublingual 1 x a day, folic acid 1 x day (RX), and B6 100 mgs 1 x a day. I need lots of sleep and I try and pace my activities. Fortunately for me, I was awarded social security disability (after a long wait of 2-1/2 years) and I don’t have to deal with the stress of working and driving in traffic every day. I still get fatigue and it is a struggle at times and I can barely move. I have to be careful of what I eat also. Mostly turkey, fish, chicken, salads, olive oil, fruit, oats, gluten free bread, rice cakes.

  • Laurie Weldy
    6 years ago

    Fatigue was a big issue for me – then I started taking Juice Plus. It is supposed to help with inflammation, pain and energy. It HAS helped by energy level alot….unfortunately, not the swelling or pain.

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