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2000th Article!

2000th Article!

Can you believe that this is our 2000th article? Since launched in 2013, our fantastic and dedicated advocates have contributed 2000 stories affirming what life is like with RA. That’s 2000 ways to really show RA is more than just joint pain. Here are some of the most popular articles the incredible RA community has enjoyed over the years. Here’s to another 2000 articles and thank you all for your support!


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  • Cynthia Ventura moderator
    4 months ago

    Congratulations Rheumatoid!

    You and your advocates have made my life and the lives of countless other RA/RD sufferers more tolerable for just being here. You have given us a voice, an outlet for our frustrations as well as our celebrations and have been a responsible source for information and guidance for all stages of this disease for those newly diagnosed, those coming to grips with their diagnosis and those who have lived with this disease for many years. In addition, your advocacy has helped to, “set the record straight” as well as being a supportive source of informarion for dedicated caregivers.

    Whenever I meet someone dealing with RA/RD one of the first things I do is share your address. Though some might not be as chatty as I am on the site they are still out there being enriched by your advocates’ articles, voting on surveys and following links to further inform themselves.

    I think I speak for many when I say, “thank you!” Here’s to many more articles and years of success.

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