Living with RA one day at a time. Get tips and best practices on how to battle RA.

By Kelly Mack - February 6, 2017
My wheelchair and its maintenance is extremely important to my daily life. When my wheelchair is working, I can go out to work, do errands, attend social engagements, and don’t feel restricted... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - February 1, 2017
February 2 is the fifth annual Rheumatoid Awareness Day. Some people may wonder why it’s necessary to have a day focusing on informing others about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Awareness is very much... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - January 31, 2017
During the years I have been taking methotrexate, my rheumatologist has always been good about monitoring my liver. It has generally been a good drug for me in that it brought my... READ MORE

By Wren - January 29, 2017
It’s this @*#!! rheumatoid disease, which is making my hands feel like padded garden gloves filled with gravel, sand, and shattered glass. My feet are OK, today, and the rest of me... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - January 27, 2017
Have you ever stopped to think how important the notion of smallness is to managing RA? As strange as this may sound I am convinced that remembering to keep it small may... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - January 26, 2017
For three years in a row (2014 Goals, 2015 Goals, 2016 Goals), I’ve been able to articulate some goals around New Year and I’m excited to take a look back at how... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - January 23, 2017
The journey of the lone protagonist, forgotten and consigned to oblivion, is the plot of innumerable movies, dramas, novels, and historical narratives. Something about a single individual, whether stranded and alone, battling... READ MORE

By Carla Kienast - January 20, 2017
When you’re diagnosed with RA you become a member of an exclusive club. To quote the iconic comic, Groucho Marx (and others to whom the saying has been attributed), “I wouldn’t want... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - January 17, 2017
The race to the hospital was underway, as traffic, that doltishly stupid necessity of modernity, elicited my angst. I followed the line of brake lights down the only major thoroughfare that leads... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - January 16, 2017
As 2017 begins it seems like the perfect time to take stock of everything RA. By that I mean time to reflect and re-examine. I actually think this is a far more... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - January 15, 2017
I realized the other day that I’ve now passed the six-month mark of taking adalimumab, also known as Humira, for the second time in my life. Last May, after nine months of being on Xeljanz... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - January 12, 2017
There are aches, and then there are pains. The frequency of both have proliferated in my life since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. As a young athlete in extreme sports, aches and... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - January 11, 2017
This past year has been a tough year for my rheumatoid arthritis. I started feeling worse early in the year, but kept rationalizing that “it was the weather,” “too much stress,” “not... READ MORE

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