Living with RA one day at a time. Get tips and best practices on how to battle RA.

By Carla Kienast - August 25, 2017
Recently I had the great opportunity to attend a meeting where many different facets of healthcare were represented. There were doctors and pharmacists and practice managers and people who did insurance authorizations.... READ MORE

By Wren - August 23, 2017
What happens when your pain from rheumatoid disease gets too big to handle? What can you do when your go-to tools, such as heat/ice; distraction; meditation; CBT; gentle exercise; various lotions and... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - August 21, 2017
A few months ago I wrote an article (“Rituxan Ready?”) about starting my seventh biologic, Rituxan (rituximab), back in March. I’ve been on biologic medications since first taking Enbrel in 2003. The... READ MORE

By Wren - August 17, 2017
Most of you have gotten to know me as a writer here at I do love writing—so much so that I’ve been lucky enough to make a long career in journalism... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - August 13, 2017
When I was a child with rheumatoid arthritis I absolutely hated doing my exercises, but loved doing my school homework. I think this dichotomy so perfectly explains the lifelong battle I’ve had:... READ MORE

By Wren - August 9, 2017
It was 1989. I was living in a smallish city on the North Sea in Northern Germany with my little daughter and my Air Force husband. I had a full-time Army Public... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - August 8, 2017
According to, the definition of a “catch-22” is as follows: Catch-22 noun, plural catch-22’s, catch-22s. a frustrating situation in which one is trapped by contradictory regulations or conditions. any illogical or... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - August 7, 2017
The people closest to me will often ask, “How’s your arthritis doing?” If I had osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis and generally caused by wear and tear, this would be... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - August 3, 2017
The truth is there is not really an organ or system of our bodies that is not potentially affected by RA.  Why is that?  Well, experts agree it is largely due to... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - August 2, 2017
Living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is challenging, but in dealing with this disease I’ve found some aids that I use (almost) every day that make a big difference in my comfort level.... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - August 1, 2017
Rheumatologist appointment on Monday. Physical therapy appointments Tuesday and Thursday. Pain management clinic Friday. Nutritionist appointment next Monday. This sounds like a lot already, doesn’t it? I still haven’t included several more... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - August 1, 2017
A few months ago I daydreamed what it would be like to live in a place adapted to my rheumatoid arthritis and physical disabilities. It was during a time when my husband... READ MORE

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