Living with RA one day at a time. Get tips and best practices on how to battle RA.

By Kelly Mack - March 30, 2014
This year I’m commemorating 35 years of life with rheumatoid arthritis. Diagnosed at age two, I’ve racked up some mileage on my joints over the years. It’s a significant amount of time.... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - March 21, 2014
Although not technically a symptom of the disease, many people with RA have trouble with sleep. Some people have trouble falling asleep, while others have trouble staying asleep. Some even have trouble... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - March 18, 2014
After my knee revision surgery last January, my intensive physical therapy (PT) continued with home sessions. Besides needing time to heal, the only thing holding me back was strength and I was... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - March 6, 2014
I’m about ready to scream, cry, throw something, and probably punch someone. Or maybe do all of those things at once. For a week and a half I’ve been getting the run... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - March 4, 2014
I use a motorized wheelchair and its one of the best decisions I’ve made for my quality of life with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). After my diagnosis with RA at age 2 the... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - February 23, 2014
This winter has been a brutal one for most people in the U.S. (abroad as well, apparently) and most of us have heard of the dreaded Polar Vortex, descending upon unlucky parts... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - February 19, 2014
During my years of living with rheumatoid arthritis I’ve come to expect the unexpected weird symptom or illness. Unfortunately, I can’t predict what strange experience I may encounter, but I do know... READ MORE

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