Living with RA one day at a time. Get tips and best practices on how to battle RA.

By Angela Lundberg - November 9, 2014
Halloween is over now, so we can say goodbye to the mini chocolate bars, sticky popcorn balls, candy corn, bite-size fruity gummy things, homemade baked pumpkin goodies, and all of the other... READ MORE

By Mariah Z. Leach - November 5, 2014
Methotrexate is one of the most commonly used medications in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It is a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD), so in addition to helping with pain and swelling methotrexate... READ MORE

By Leslie Rott - November 4, 2014
I’ve recently learned to embrace flats (shoes). Trust me. This hasn’t been easy. I’m 4’11”, so for me, heels are kind of a necessity. But… I have RA. And every time I... READ MORE

By Leslie Rott - October 29, 2014
As cold and flu season quickly approaches, I am keenly aware of it. Why? Because people don’t realize that their next cold or flu could be my next hospitalization. Every year, I... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - October 24, 2014
“Are you disabled?”  Have you been asked this question on forms, applications, or in person?  If so, how do you answer? Whenever I’ve been asked this question, it’s always thrown me for... READ MORE

By Carla Kienast - October 23, 2014
I live in Ebola central. Being in Dallas, I am overloaded both with local news (papers and broadcasts) as well as national news on the subject. The hospital involved, Texas Health Resources... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - October 22, 2014
Throughout the years I’ve accumulated quite a collection of scars.  If I were a painted canvas, I would be an original, abstract piece of modern art. Instead, I’m a walking illustration of... READ MORE

By Leslie Rott - October 19, 2014
By now, you’ve probably heard of the now infamous Kanye West incident, in which he refuses to continue a concert until everyone in attendance was standing up. One fan had a prosthetic... READ MORE

By Carla Kienast - October 17, 2014
There’s been a lot of discussion about the cost of RA treatments. It’s no secret that biologic medications run in the thousands of dollars. Add in physician and therapist appointments, lab tests,... READ MORE

By Andrew Lumpe, PhD - October 14, 2014
The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) diagnostic criteria incorporate four main areas – joint involvement, RA related blood tests, general inflammation blood tests, and duration of symptoms.1 According the ACR, “Joint involvement... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - October 9, 2014
I regularly fight the pull and tug of fatigue. My body saying “I don’t want to get up,” “I don’t want to exercise,” “I don’t want to go out and go to... READ MORE

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