My Poor, Ignored Feet

The common picture of RA seems to be the damage that people have in their hands.

For me, the most visible damage and deformities come not from my hands, but from my feet.

I recently saw a Facebook post of someone in an RA group sharing that they were having several toes amputated due to damage from RA.  I had never heard this before, but it kind of scared me, knowing the way my toes look and feel.

I mentioned my feet to my rheumatologist, but she has only really looked when I haven’t been wearing socks and shoes.

I did make it a point to show her the nodule on the big toe of my right foot, but I haven’t really addressed the other issues that are happening with my feet, with her.

At my most recent appointment, however, she could clearly see the indentation of the nodule through my sock.

But I worry.  My feet are probably the most covered up part of my body, and yet, what you can’t see, can obviously hurt you.

I wonder if I’m harming my feet even more by hiding them away.

But it’s also scary because I see so much about RA damage in the hands, and much less about RA in the feet.

And I wonder why that is?  Is it just that our feet are covered most of the time?  Or is this something that people in the RA community really don’t talk about?

It’s scary when the few things you do hear are of people getting their toes amputated.  I’ve never heard of that happening with the hands due to RA.

So either someone is pulling one over on me, or this is a possibility, and nobody talks about it.

I know a lot of people are ashamed about the way their hands look, due to RA.  And I have to say, I feel the same way about my feet.  But we shouldn’t be ashamed.  We should share and support each other.

This community has made feel not so alone countless times, but as far as my foot issues go, right now I feel like I’m one of a few dealing with significant foot deformities.

Does anyone else have foot issues?  I’m talking nodules, crooked toes, whatever.

And does anyone else feel that the damage in their feet is much worse than the damage in your hands?

If you all really want, I can provide you with photographic evidence of my feet.  But I’m not a big foot lover and I wouldn’t want to traumatize someone that feels the same way.

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