RA and Muscle Pain

Community Question - I'm recently diagnosed with RA and started medication a few weeks ago. Every muscle in my body hurts. Is this type of muscle pain normal? Will the medication help?

Response from Andrew Lumpe:

lumpe-andrew-thumbSorry for you recent diagnosis. Find good and accurate reading material about RA like at RheumatoidArthritis.net, find good support systems, and find a good rheumatologist. To answer your question, yes, muscles can hurt as a result of RA. When the joints are impacted, muscles can be impacted also since they are attached to joints. RA is about more than just joints. (Learn more: RA Impacts Much More Than Bones & Joints). In addition, some medicines like statins for cholesterol can cause muscle pain. You might mention it to your doctor. – Andrew

Response from Mariah Z. Leach:

DSC_0855So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Having been there myself I know that it can be a difficult thing to process. As Andrew says, muscles can certainly be affected because they are attached to the joints. It can sometimes be a long and frustrating process to find a treatment that works to address the issues in your joints. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to deal with muscle pain - for example I like to take a hot bath with epsom salts when my muscles hurt, or sometimes I find a massage to be very helpful. Hang in there and remember that we are here to support you! – Mariah

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