RA Don’t Rain On My Parade

There’s nothing worse than navigating New York City streets during rush hour than New York City streets during rush hour in the rain.  A sea of umbrellas to navigate through is incredibly difficult when holding the umbrella steady over your head isn’t always an easy thing.

In the last year or so, I’ve noticed that a lovely side effect of arthritis is that I cannot hold an umbrella for a significant amount of time.

It hasn’t always been this way.  Like I said, there was an imperceptible shift.  It’s a combination of my thumbs and my wrists.  They just don’t work like they used to.  My joints fatigue so easily.

Most of us have joint difficulties when it’s raining or the weather changes.  The barometric pressure messes with us.

So the rain is no fun as it is, made worse by fighting in a sea of umbrellas, when I’m working extra hard just to stay afloat.

Sometimes I wish I had an umbrella hat I could wear.  Sure, it would probably look dorky, and I am not sure how incredibly effective it would be in keeping me dry.  But something that I didn’t have to hold above my head would be greatly appreciated.

I had to stop using a hair dryer to dry my hair for the same reason.

So far I haven’t figured out any way around this, other than to try my best to work through the pain.  This is easier said than done, considering the fact that I have had issues with a loss of mobility in my elbows since I first got sick.

So it seems that the current swelling in my hands, fatigue in my wrists, and lack of mobility in my elbows have created a perfect storm when it comes to holding an umbrella.

Other things, too.  Lately I have a hard time holding books, especially hardcover ones, or ones that I’m reading that are uneven.

I do think I’m a bit in denial at the moment about disease activity, but that’s another post for another time.

I don’t think that people without arthritis or even our friends, family, and doctors, know the everyday ins and outs of what we go through, of all the little things they take for granted that can be incredibly difficult for us.

What are some of the everyday things you can no longer take for granted, other than some of the more obvious ones like opening jars and undoing buttons?

Do you have problems holding umbrellas?  If so, do you have any solutions for this, other than never leaving the house on rainy days?

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