Introduction to Restorative Yoga, Pt. 2: Supported Backbend Using Props

Supported Backbend

The set-up for this posture involves several different props, but don’t get caught up in having all kinds of fancy accessories. Remember, keep it simple. The purpose is to relax and enjoy. You can make creative substitutions with objects you already own, without having to buy a lot of special yoga equipment:

- Blankets - Any kind will do. You can also use large towels or bedding.

- Bolsters -  Substitute large pillows, cushions, several blankets or towels rolled together, even  a  comforter rolled up.

- Blocks - Use instead a couple books, stacked magazines or a smaller firm pillow.

- Straps -  Any belt, sash, or rope of the proper length will do.

In this posture of ultimate support and openness you can experience the release of tension in your hips, abdomen, chest, and your whole spine.As you allow a full and relaxed breath, let this softness and stillness envelope your whole self, opening into this restful shape.

As always, take your time creating support, entering into the pose and melting, sinking, giving your weight/feeling supported, and be just as gentle and attentive as you slowly begin to move again, a little at a time, rolling to your side and when you feel ready, back up to sit.

Practicing yoga can be like having a conversation with yourself: noticing, responding, questioning, learning. I hope we can begin our own conversation, using these videos and your experiences to dialogue. I am always open to feedback, questions, and descriptions of how you experience yourself doing these practices.Enjoy and be well – Namasté.

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