OUCH! My Skin Hurts!

OUCH! Why does my skin hurt?

Recently, I found that my skin has become even more sensitive. I’ve always had sensitive skin, especially in my scalp. Having naturally curly hair, my mother yanked and pulled on my hair, not realizing how much it hurt.

Skin problems: a new rheumatoid arthritis symptom?

Within the last several months, I’ve noticed that even my skin shrinks from excessive touch. That typical “slap you on the back” or “punch to the arm” has become excruciating. When I try to explain this to people, I get the standard “you’re too sensitive” comment.

I got so frustrated with a friend of mine that I decided to demonstrate what her punches felt like to me! She immediately yelped and said, “I don’t hit you that hard!” I explained to her that my body feels it that hard. Between the rheumatoid disease and the fibromyalgia, my sensitivity is off the map. I think we have reached an understanding.

Skin sensitivities & bruising with greetings

I struggle with greetings also. Handshakes have become quite difficult. Those “firm” handshakes have always been fine until recently. Now, that squeezing handshake has me trying to stop a grimace. One of my friends suggested fist bumps instead. MISTAKE!! My poor hands bruised.

Side hugs have been helpful

I have always preferred hugging. It feeds my soul and, as a single woman, it is comforting. However, one has to be careful in the current environment. I find that side hugs with men seem to be more appropriate, and they don’t hurt like a handshake (most of the time).

Do you ever just nod at people? Sometimes I find that works well.

Challenges with household responsibilities

Which household responsibilities do you have the most trouble with? Because of my skin hurting, many things are now difficult. Lifting pans for cooking bothers me the most because I enjoy cooking. Cleaning the kitchen counter, the stove, wiping out the refrigerator, sweeping, moping have all been delegated to my sons. I purchased a light-weight vacuum that has made a huge difference. I also have a spray mop with a washable cover. I find that I get excited when I find things that make my life easier!

Skin pain on my feet

Does anyone else have trouble walking barefoot? Being a southerner, I grew up barefoot. I enjoy walking barefoot. I got out of bed 2 months ago to excruciating skin pain when barefoot. My poor little southern heart cried! I have not been able to go barefoot since. I’ve also noticed that I’ve had to loosen my sandal straps because they are hurting the skin on my feet.

What to do?

So what’s a girl (or anyone) to do? Since I already have an appointment with my rheumatologist in 10 days, that’s where I’ll start. It always best to discuss new symptoms with your rheumatologist. I’m curious as to your experiences.

Have you had this problem? Do you have any tips for our readers? Please let us know.


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