You may not believe it, but I can sleep while exercising! Yes, it is true and my husband is a reliable witness.

On many a morning, my husband will leave the room after waking me to start my exercises and return to find me snoozing while exercising. I have coined the term: sleepercising, to accurately reflect this special talent.

It doesn’t take special skills to sleepercise. The formula includes: having rheumatoid arthritis for many years, being regularly exhausted such that you’re tired even after a night’s sleep, and needing to warm up the joints with gentle stretches in the morning. Mix these in a confused jumble and you have the perfect parts for sleepercising potential! It can happen for you too!

From my experience, the best kind of exercising for sleeping involves gentle and repetitive stretches that don’t require too much effort or thinking, such as ankle rolls and flexing. It’s almost like counting sheep. Just begin the gentle stretch, perhaps count along and soon you’ll be snoozing while continuing the motion with no effort.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of sleepercising has yet to be proven. As far as I know, it is only practiced by one person and she has yet to be able to complete a full suite of exercises under the influence of sleep. While it may be fine for ankle rolls, the practice typically devolves into full on sleeping and potentially even snoring.

On the bright side, the side effects of sleepercising are minimal and seemingly not harmful. They include: more sleep and less effective exercise. Additional benefits may include: more sleep and relaxation!

Sure, it may not be a hot trend yet, but sleepercise may catch on. Watch out Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, and Jillian Michaels! The potential for videos could be sleep-inducing. Picture it: watching someone snooze while attempting extremely low-key exercises. Absolutely riveting! Then could follow mobile apps, video blog, and more. The potential for expansion is almost limitless, provided the inventor can stay awake for a few minutes to explore the many business opportunities.

You may argue that fads come and go as quickly as they appear, but there is no denying that everyone needs both sleep and exercise. Why not combine the two? It’s masterful in maximizing time, which always seems to be running short! And most people hate exercising, so why not do it while sleeping, which is a much more enjoyable and forgetful activity. No more feeling the burn. Now it will be snoozing the burn!

Laugh it off, but this could be for real. Give it a try. Lay down in a comfortable bed—be sure to throw on the covers as it is a bad idea to be too cold while sleeping… err… exercising. Close your eyes, take some soothing breathes. Gently wriggle your toes and…

What? You’re asleep?

Ah well. At least you can enjoy a little extra rest!

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