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My son and I gifted each other tickets to see the Eagles on their 2018 tour. At the time we saw them they had 54 total shows booked and Indianapolis was their first. The group was still working out some kinks, but that was fine since this afforded us a slightly longer show. Dave Lindquist of the Indianapolis Star reported the group sang 28 songs five more than the usual 23.1 We had wonderful seats (thank you son) and we had such a wonderful time. It was well worth the added expense to get great seats in the lower section. As my son said back in December when we were debating ticket prices, you probably only see the Eagles once in your life, so paying a few extra dollars for great seats is likely worth it.

RA takes a star performer

I am struck by the absence of Glenn Frey one of the founding members who succumbed to an autoimmune condition, believed to be rheumatoid arthritis which led to colitis and pneumonia. In his place, the band substituted two new members Vince Gill and Mr. Frey’s son, Deacon Frey.

I have long enjoyed the music of the Eagles, I still have the 1973 album “On the Border” in my collection. That album and “the Eagles” greatest hits collection 1971- 1975 were mainstays of my youth. Songs like “Take it Easy” co-written by Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne with Mr. Frey on lead vocals; Tequila Sunrise co-written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey with Mr. Frey on Lead vocals; and my absolute favorite my “Ole 55” written by Tom Waite with lead vocals by Glenn Frey and Don Henley in which the group sang about the women, cars, and freedom. Basically, everything a 17-year-old boy on his way to college was dreaming of.

By 1980, the band was at cross purposes and they had a terrible breakup which reportedly caused Don Henley to say the Band would get together again when “Hell Freezes Over”.  Which incidentally became the name of the 1994 reunion tour which was sold out in 156 cities and lasted through 1996. The band continued to record and tour up until 2015 when the multiyear tour ended. In 2015 the Eagles were slated to be inducted in the Kennedy Center Honors program, but they deferred because of Glenn Frey’s illness. Unfortunately, he passed on January 18, 2016, in New York City.

It is true I adore the music of the Eagles and of course that includes the incredible lyrics and singing of Glenn Frey. But I also love something else about him he never let RA stop his career. For many years it was rumored that Mr. Frey was ill and it has been said that tour dates were arranged at least in part around his treatment schedule. At 67 he sounded as good as ever.

Mr. Frey’s life proves at least one thing; we who suffer from RA can continue to excel long after our diagnosis.  Mr. Frey proved that RA is not for those who are weak.  He did it his way in the best way possible.  That is what I adore about Mr. Frey and the Eagles. Together they worked with and around RA.  That night in March 2018 in Indianapolis when the Eagles sang “Take It to the Limit,” or “Best of My Love” or any of the other 28 songs; I was excited that I can still hear this kind of music craftmanship, even if I was missing one of the founding members.

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