What Halloween Costume Would Your RA Be?

With Halloween upon us, spookiness and spirit are in the air! In honor of the impending holiday, one of our community experts wrote an article about some of the more frightening surprises that can come with RA. So many of you loved the article, and we asked you, “What Halloween costume would your RA be?” We got so many awesome responses, that we wanted to share some of your creative, and often scary, suggestions!

Tough morning costumes

  • A zombie in the morning after no sleep—grrr!! A very scary creature only tamed by caffeine and analgesics!
  • My hands do look like a witch’s hands. When I get up in the morning, I walk like Frankenstein’s monster. So many possibilities!
  • My family often comments about how I walk like the Frankenstein monster in the mornings. Due to the morning stiffness

Surprise costumes

  • The boogeyman in the closet. It sneaks up on me at the oddest times, and when it does, I have to lay in bed to get away from the pain
  • A monster that can creep up on me suddenly and without warning!
  • A gremlin. Hides and attacks me at very surprising times
  • Vampire—It sucks the life right out of me sometimes!

Creative terrors

  • Hmmmm some sort of wrist crushing, leg bending, toe stomping and neck breaking, futuristic alien monster! Yep!
  • The ghost played by Darryl Hannah in the movie High Spirits. It just keeps repeating over and over…
  • A bear trap. Represents the pain and gripping disability
  • The Tin Man…I need to be oiled up often!
  • My hands look like Dracula’s in that scary silent movie where the shadow of his hands is flashed on the screen about to attack some poor victim
  • A pterodactyl. To match the elbows it gave me…

The "no explanation needed" costumes

  • The invisible man of course
  • An old man before his time
  • A medieval rack that rips people apart!
  • Mummy for sure. Stiff!
  • A shape-shifter

We loved all of your responses, and would love to hear more! Let us know what “spooky” symptoms your RA can present with, and what costume your RA would embody this Halloween season!

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