Winter was my Favorite Time of Year

Winter was my Favorite Time of Year

I was standing in line for coffee the other day, ready to enjoy my afternoon caffeine fix. I was perfectly content with my life because I was about to splurge on a holiday-flavored drink and enjoy my winter vacation.

Well, I was happy, until the person behind me coughed...

…On my neck.

This person was so close to me I could feel her breath. My body froze while my thoughts raced: was this woman sick? Clearing her throat? Why was she standing so close to me? My introverted self immediately felt claustrophobic but there was no way out of this situation. I had the counter on one side of me and buckets of merchandise on the other. I was stuck like a sardine in a tin.

As the lined moved forward, I kept my eyes on the ground; paranoid if I looked up bacteria would somehow enter through them. If I had raised my head, I’m sure I would see groups of friends laughing and entertaining each other, partners holding hands enjoying PDA and animal lovers petting a canine friend.

The winter season is a lovely time of year. It is not only chock full of vacations and holidays but the only time of year when we can cozy up in layers, blast the heat and it’s okay to stay home most evenings. It’s also the start of a new year, which always brings about self-reflections and positive thinking.

People enjoy it. I enjoy it!

At least, I used to.

It’s not just about the germs. There are germs everywhere, any time of year. It’s the cold and dry temperature that beat me more. I experience more stiffness, more pain, and more illness.

The average person gets winter flu, feels ill for a few days then goes on with their lives. The average Rheumatoid Arthritis patient gets sick, risks sky high fevers, hospital stays and a definite string of down days. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with our health every time we leave the house.

“At least, I used to”…
Winter was my favorite season. I spent eons with friends, enjoyed my days off (usually outdoors), bought the perfect presents, and then sniffed out the best sales. Now, I would rather stay at home where I can control the influx of germs and attach a heating pad to my body.

Does this make me happy? Not really.
Do I feel like I’m missing out? Not anymore.

I have never been more grateful for technology and the world wide web. I can finish my holiday shopping in minutes and with great return policies, I don’t have to see something in person. I can order my pet supplies online and have them shipped to my door. Can’t get the groceries? No problem! There’s a service for that and with medications. I can even order my favorite seasonal coffee drinks through an app! I loved having TV show viewing parties with my friends. Now, since I’m terrified they’re sickness carriers, we just video chat from the comfort of our own homes.

Yes, it kind of sucks I cannot physically enjoy the winter but I am glad there are ways I can still get things done without risking my health.

Do you take extra precautions during this time of year or do you think I’m being too wary? How do you preserve your health during the colder winter months?

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