By Editorial Team - September 20, 2017
Managing symptoms of RA is difficult enough, but emotional and mental challenges can also arise. Often, people aren’t just coping with one chronic condition, but several, and it can have a negative... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - September 19, 2017
So how do we deal with the day to day realities of RA?  First of all we need to be honest about every aspect of this chronic disease.  By that I mean... READ MORE

By Wren - September 19, 2017
Some drugs that treat rheumatoid disease may increase your risk for herpes zoster (shingles). What is shingles? That’s a sobering thought. Shingles (herpes zoster) is the hibernating virus left in our bodies... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - September 18, 2017
In previous articles, I’ve written about finding a good doctor and firing bad ones. But another important part of my experience with good clinical support focuses on the staff at a medical... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - September 15, 2017
There is the fleeting pain of a stubbed toe, a paper cut, a banged funny bone. That sort of pain surges, eclipses one’s focus for a moment, and then subsides. It is... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - September 14, 2017
So often when we consider our life before and after RA, the focus, not surprisingly, falls to the negative.  Of course, that makes perfect sense since RA is a chaotic, painful, progressive,... READ MORE

By Wren - September 13, 2017
A recent study carried out by researchers at the Dept. of Cardiology, Univ. Heart Centre in Zurich, Switzerland, showed that ibuprofen can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure. According to an... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - September 12, 2017
People mean well. I will start off by acknowledging this fact. But nevertheless, there are things I still don’t want to hear from strangers. Frequently when someone new learns that I was... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - September 8, 2017
I’ve compared having rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to feeling like a human eggshell. This painful disease leaves one feeling vulnerable, as the subtle pressures of the world, such as a receiving a hug... READ MORE

By Carla Kienast - September 6, 2017
It seems like there is a lot of discussion about pain – specifically chronic pain – these days. My BFF and fellow contributor Wren wrote of her personal experience recently in her... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - September 1, 2017
The most common symptom associated with RA is pain and it’s not just pain of the joints, pain can affect the entire body. For someone living with RA, pain or chronic pain... READ MORE

By kat-elton - September 1, 2017
Pain is a universal experience that helps us to survive. A person who can’t feel pain has a significantly reduced lifespan because pain serves a purpose – it tells us when to... READ MORE

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