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Can RA cause a heart murmur?

Can RA cause a heart murmur?

Community Answers
  • Richard Faust moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi KellyT. Sorry you are having these heart concerns. Firt, let me echo Alesandra and say that, for your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. As she and the article she provided note, there is a known correlation between RA and potential cardiovascular issues. As this article from the Mayo clinic notes, RA is one of many medical conditions that can be a potential cause of heart murmurs: Only a doctor can provide diagnostic assistance with a matter such as this. Best, Richard ( Team)

  • Alesandra Bevilacqua moderator
    9 months ago

    Hey KellyT! While I can’t advise if that’s the case, cardiovascular disease is a common comorbid condition found with RA. Here’s some more information on that if you’re interested in reading: I hope this helps a bit. As always, we encourage you to bring any concerns up to your doctor so you both can further discuss in detail. Thanks for being here with us! – Alesandra ( Team)

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