The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets & Health

Pets can be true companions and caretakers when living with RA. There's nothing better than getting snuggles from your pet in the midst of a flare or when in pain. There are actual health benefits to pet ownership, so this month we're sharing info on how pets can impact your health, things to consider when owning a pet, and even how you can care for your pet when you aren't feeling so great. If you #LoveYourPet, we've got something for you to check out.

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Pets and health
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RA and the Potential of Purr
By Wren -July 10th, 2015
Looking for an easy, helpful tool for living well with rheumatoid disease
These small, warm, furry, beautiful animals are good company and good friends...


The Tao of Kitty
By Kelly Mack- March 1st, 2016
All of my cats have taught me so many things about caring, sensitivity, living vibrantly and bravely. They have been true companions and caretakers throughout my life with RA....


How Animals Can Help
By Kelly Mack- April 15th, 2016
I firmly believe that animals can help people with RA or other health issues...


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Pets and health
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Discuss how you #LoveYourPet when you aren't feeling well.
Pets and Health

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