Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spring is approaching, is it time to clean the winter dust away? Or maybe it's time to organize your home. Living with RA certainly has it's daily challenges and when it comes to cleaning your home or doing basic household chores when feeling fatigued, in pain or in a flare can make it extra difficult.

Over the month of April is focusing on how to get help with household chores, cleaning tips to make life easier when we aren't feeling so great, and just when we think we need to do more we have to learn when we need to stop.

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Spring Cleaning
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By Editorial Team— January 30, 2015
Daily life with rheumatoid arthritis can pose challenges one might never expect – including tasks that can easily get taken for granted...

The RA Maid
By Angela Lundberg— August 31, 2015-
Not only have I been cleaning up my roommate’s messes in the kitchen, which requires extra physical work and pain for me, but I’m also the only one here who cares about keeping the bathroom clean, apparently...

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Erratic, unpredictable, and incredibly variable, RA makes it very hard to have the order in my life that I so desire. This disease can surprise me with a flare out of nowhere, can create intense pain in joints that don’t generally hurt, and can steamroll me with fatigue even after a long night’s sleep...

Spring Cleaning

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