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How Rheumatoid Arthritis Changed My Life For The Better

Hello all!

My name is Eileen Davidson, I am a 32 year old single mother from British Columbia Canada. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on April 8th 2015, my whole world turned around then, for better and for worse.

As I discovered the devastating toll that RA has on someone’s life, I was shortly then diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and later with Fibromyalgia, my triple whammy of chronic illness and very common when you have RA. Not to mention the emotional toll that the anxiety and depression this disease causes. I was placed on disability when diagnosed with RA. I have a very compassionate rheumatologist.

As my arthritis broke me down I managed to find a new inner strength – my voice. I became an ambassador for The Arthritis Society, the largest non-profit non-government funded charity for arthritis in Canada. From there fueled my passion to become a patient advocate and arthritis blogger. I am aiming to help smash the debilitating stigma that is stumping arthritis advocacy and research.

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself and share my story with you all. Keep fighting <3

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  • Donaldjbryan
    1 year ago

    Hi Eileen, First of all thank you for sharing this story. We need more people like you. I am also suffering from RA for a very long time. Consulted many specialists and ried a lot of medications. But nothing resolved it. Then the last year my brother shared a story of one of his friends who recovered from arthritis with the help of chiropractic treatment. So I decided to try it. And visited a physiotherapy clinic that provides chiropractic arthritis treatment in Toronto( ). That treatment is working very well for me. My unbearable pain is now gone. I’m sure that when my treatment is over I will definitely post a story here.

  • kbart
    1 year ago


    Thanks for your article. You are right, it has made me even stronger!

  • Larry Sawyer
    1 year ago

    Go for it, never say I quit. never say it is too hard, never say I can’t. I can do this, it may take a while but it will be the best you have ever seen when I am done. Kudo’s kid!

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 year ago

    Hey ChronicEileen!

    This just brightened my day. Thank you for your advocacy and your determined spirit. We are so happy to have someone like you in this community and I hope to get to know you further!

    Thanks! ~Monica

  • CaseyH moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Eileen! Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that with us! I’m so sorry to hear about the battle you are facing with your RA, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, however, I am so uplifted to hear that you’ve found your voice and purpose in a new way. We are SO glad you’ve found our community, and we can’t wait to see what awesome contributions you are able to provide. Your story is incredible, just like you. Keep fighting friend! -Casey, Team

  • Richard Faust moderator
    1 year ago

    Thanks so much for writing ChronicEileen and for your advocacy. As I’m sure you have seen, advocacy can take many forms. Permit me this opportunity to post this article from one of our contributors on the benefits of advocacy: For those not comfortable with direct advocacy (it’s not for everyone) know that living the best you can and little things (such as participating in this community) can make a difference in their own right. Best, Richard ( Team)

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