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RA diagnosed at young age

Those days I was in high school. It was January 2012. And I was 16. I felt inflammation in my fingers. In April I came to know that I’ve RA. It was not a big deal for me that time because I didn’t knew how dangerous it can be.

Now, I’m almost a disabled person. My career is on question mark. My ribs are paining so much. It feel like my body is falling apart. I can’t remember when I got a relaxed sleep. My daily aims are how to survive today. I’ve so many dreams but in the end of the day I only feel vulnerable. I don’t want to depend on other persons.

I can’t do fashion like other girls do. I can’t wear shoes and heels, jeans and other fashionable cloths or jewelry. Besides this all my joints are misplacing. I remember what was I when I was 16. It took me 6 years to accept that I’m DISABLED.

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  • katestulberg
    6 months ago

    I’m sorry for your condition. Are you in the care of a good doctor?

  • Daniel Malito moderator
    6 months ago

    @priyanka-singh 30+ year RA veteran myself. I came down with it at age 9 – yes, I’m a lifer. I went through middle school and then high school wtih hip replacements and other battles. Guess what though, just surviving is a noble goal – don’t think for one minute it isn’t. You fight a battle every day that most people can’t even fathom, and if no one else tells you then let me – you are brave and strong and amazing for doing it. Wear it as a badge of honor – you know exactly what you’re made of at a young age, something that most people don’t find out ever. It’s an asset, trust me, and remember just because you’re problems are different doesn’t mean they are less than. You’re not alone and whatever you need we are here. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

  • 2mra
    6 months ago

    Hello and Welcome Priyanka:

    I’m sorry to learn that you are in so much pain and feeling disabled already. That should not be!

    I had symptoms of RA when I was 24 and I was diagnosed at 25, since I did not know about the proper Dr. that I needed(a Rheumatologist). I was referred, after a second Family Physician figured that I had some type of Arthritis.

    With my Rheumatologist’s help, I tried about 6 medications before I felt normal again(in remission) for about 1 1/2 yrs. Eventually, the pain and fatigue came back and I tried several more medications until I felt better again. There are many RA medications out there to try. I have tried about 29(I’ve lost count). I have severe RA.

    I am one of those RA patients that many medications do not work on BUT I keep trying, so that I will remain as independent as possible. Today, I am feeling pretty good again, depending on the weather, etc.

    I know that ayurveda is a part of your culture and can help some, as you say. However, it will never put you in Remission and THAT should be your main goal to survive today and live a happier life.

    I wish you a much better future!

  • priyanka.singh author
    6 months ago

    I’m so sorry about your situation. In the world of full of tensions and disease maybe we can learn how to be happy only.

  • jeekaybee
    6 months ago

    Are you not on any other medication?

  • priyanka.singh author
    6 months ago

    I’m having ayurveda. It helps. But as this disease is like cancer. Nothing helps after a time.

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