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I have to work on three different diets for my health. I have to watch my carbs, vitamin K and fiber intake. Can anyone help me with this? I been having a hard time getting the right amount of carbs. I will be going to the diabetes doctor soon. The only diet I don’t have problems with is my vitamin K. The other two I been having problems with them. I either have to much fiber or to much carbs in my diet. Thank you if someone can help me.

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  • Anke Schliessmann
    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on diet. Personally my symptoms improved a lot after switching to a vegan and almost gluten free diet. This makes me eat all kind of vegetables in the full variety offered by nature. I don’t count calories or carb intake (I tried with low carb earlier, but that doesn’t give me any improvement on maintaining health, weight or RA symptoms). And when it comes to vitamin and fiber intake there is almost all in the fruits/veggies I eat, with the only two exceptions of vitamin D (due to light sensitivity I avoid being exposed to sun too long) and vitamin B12. I take regular supplements for both. With that diet I’m not symptom free, but this improves pain levels, fatigue and swelling really good – and there were lots of positive side effects on my cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure etc.

    Now I started to think about taking even less additional oils (meaning the pure oils, not the whole seeds that naturally contain also oil and omega 3 fatty acids) in my diet since I want to lose even more weight than I already did with my current diet, just to lessen the wear and tear impact on my joints.

    Best regards from Germany

  • Richard Faust moderator
    3 years ago

    Thanks for writing simash275and@. Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the various dietary issues. Diet can certainly have both positive and negative consequences for RA. It is good that you will be seeing the diabetes specialist. If possible, it would be useful to coordinate aspects of treatment, medication, and diet between this specialist and your rheumatologist. You may also want to consult a dietitian.

    Some things to consider are how comorbidities and their treatments interact. Some medications can affect various vitamin and dietary needs, such as blood sugar. These following articles may be helpful:

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    Know that you are not alone in your struggle. Please keep us posted on your progress. Best,

    Richard ( Team)

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