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Diet and RA

I have to share my story in hopes it might help someone else. I have lived with RA for 5 years now and like many of you have had highs and lows, good days and bad. Although I do a lot of research almost daily on other ways to relieve my pain and aches, most recently my husband encouraged me to try changing some things in my diet trying to eliminate foods that increase inflammation. So I did read some articles and watched two videos on You Tube from physicians regarding drastic changes to your diet to reduce or eliminate pain all together. I know some may think there is no way. I was skeptical, also but do have some medical background and understand how impressive the body is as well as believing in holistic options that aren’t so toxic to the body. I started on my vegan journey four weeks ago, I also have Celiac’s disease so I am already limited in my diet, I cut out all dairy, but thought it’s worth a try and really limited my sugar and meat intake only eating chicken or fish once a week mostly berms, grains and fruit and vegetables. To my surprise, honestly three days in the pain started to subside and I gained strength back in my hands, I was praising God for giving me the courage to try something different, what a difference. I am four weeks out, consulted with my rheumatologist and have been able to spread out my Enbrel shots to 10 and now 14 days, woohoo is all I can say.
I have so much more energy I want to tell everyone I know because it has made such a major difference in daily life. Most recently came Cross videos from Dr. Vikki Peterson which are much in line with the only videos I viewed.
Give it a shot, what do u have to lose, your pain. I have enjoyed new recipes and the increased energy and loss of brain fog.
My best to all of you.

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  • Freethinker28
    3 years ago

    Hello, I am in complete agreement regarding the impact of diet AND exercise on RA. I was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago. My doctor knew that I’ve always been dead set against taking drugs, so she recommended me to start on a Turmeric with Curcumin/Vitamin D/Omega 3 & diet plan while referring me to a Rheumatologist for further testing. I decided to book an appointment with the specialist to get a better idea of the level of my condition and the available options to treat it, before I started anything else. I went to a Rheumatologist and she confirmed my doctor’s diagnosis. She then started talking about the different drugs I could take and their sides effects. SCARY….When I told this doctor that I wasn’t going to take any drugs and that I would try the natural/holistic route first, she had to contain herself not to laugh in my face. She painted a horrible picture of the disease’s potential and basically said that if I didn’t take the drugs to contain it & treat it, I would be making the biggest mistake of my life. I said thanks Doc but no thanks, and walked out determined to find another route. How sad… Well, that was 3 years ago.
    After that day, I immersed myself in RA research and read everything I could get my hands on regarding RA natural treatment. I started a supplement regime (very similar to the one my general doctor initially suggested) and made drastic hangs to my diet. As anyone with this disease, even those taking drugs (not judging as everyone is different), I’ve have good and bad days, but my disease has not progressed, and my flares are few and very far between. The flares mostly appear when I slack off in my diet, and If I neglect to take my supplements consistently. What a difference I feel when I don’t! I feel very upset and sad when I read the effects that drugs are having on RA sufferers. As you have, I am also posting my history here in hopes that someone will read it and think about alternative treatment. it has worked for me and may work for you as well. Best wishes!

  • enya
    3 years ago

    Thank you for posting your story! RA sites are full of pain, drug site effect and general deterioration discussions. When I was just diagnosed I found The Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior web site and got really depressed. As the site painted a truly down hill journey with RA. I was lucky to find very few sites that promote diet and exercise as means of controlling RA symptoms, like and that gave me a different compass and offered holistic way of healing my body. I am also using diet and exercise to control my symptoms and am having a great success. I am drug free, pain free and swelling free now and am hoping to be so. I wish so very much that more people would try this approach because it makes my heart bleed to read the stories of many RA sufferers who choose drugs only route.

  • Anke Schliessmann
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the topic, I like it very much. I have similar experiences.
    I’m now living for > 3 years on a vegan diet, and I improved a lot leaving out meat, fish, dairy and eggs completely. But still I had to take prednisolon and Enbrel and Tramadol to cover the day. Last November I was fasting for a week (according to Buchinger’s method) and after that I cut out gluten also. With doing that I could withdraw the Prednisolon and Tramadol for months. What a feeling!

    I’m in a flare right now for some weeks and try to avoid taking Prednisolon for more than one week in a row. It didn’t work well so far, but if there is no severe reason I will not start to take Predni again daily, since after the fasting I lost > 10 kg (probably due to almost no gluten and no Predni). I was feeling so good for several months, that I was able to cook healthy dinners every day.

    A few weeks ago I read the book “The immune system recovery plan” by Dr. Susan Blum and after my 50y birthday celebration I will start with her suggested elimination diet (not much left over to eliminate though :-)).

    I’m convinced that we can support our treatment a lot with real healthy diets, and we all should consider it, even if we cannot expect a real cure from our disease. I think that if all measures we take helps a little, we will do much better than just taking our pills/shots.

    Best regards

  • Lauren Tucker moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Aurora,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We are happy to hear you had such a positive experince from a diet change. We have a few contributors that have also written on Diet and RA and I thought you may enjoy some of their thoughts too.

    Additionally I thought this article “10 Expert Tips for Planning Meals” would be a good read too, especially since all recipies can be modified.

    We wish you the best of luck in your journey and please come back anytime. Also please let us know how you make out.

    Thank you for being part of our community.

    Lauren (Community Manager

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