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The good day

I had a good day a few days ago. I woke up with the usual swelling but minimal pain and stiffness in my hands, wrists, feet and left shoulder. I was ecstatic! Thrilled! I could see remission on the horizon!
That was what I thought, anyway.
So me in my blissful lack of pain did the stupidest thing. Several stupid things, actually. I scrubbed the dishes. Cleaned out my closet. Mopped all the floors in the house and rearranged the contents of my bookshelf. I felt great!
Until I woke up the next morning. I opened my eyes, went to move out of bed and it was like little atomic bombs going off in each of my joints.
Hello, pain!
I’m still recovering from my undeniable stupidity, but I also learned a valuable lesion – NEVER SCRUB YOUR DISHES! (Ha ha!)
Also, 1 good day isn’t proof that you’re cured. It’s exactly what it is – a good day. I’m still learning my limits through trial and error, but next time I’ll wait longer before attempting the heavy jobs. Maybe two days…or two weeks. We’ll see.

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  • Mariah Z. Leach moderator
    5 years ago

    Hi Sam ~ It’s crazy how we can feel enthused and want to get EVERYTHING done while we are feeling good, but then we have to pay for it later! I will say that you will probably get better at judging your limits with time. Though that doesn’t mean you will always abide by them – I do the same thing sometimes! ~Mariah~

  • LisaM
    5 years ago

    I loved reading your take on this, I too tend to MAJORLY overdo on the rare days that I awaken feeling semi-human, then live to regret it the next day. My husband can’t seem to understand how I feel empowered to do as much as my aching body will allow on these occasions when he knows I’ll complain about paying the price a day or two later. It’s almost like I refuse to give in to the fatigue and ache, and by not taking advantage of those rare days feeling almost pain free I am doing just that, if that makes any sense? Sadly, there’s always a price to be paid though, ugh!

  • Larry Burger
    5 years ago

    It’s always the next morning for me!

  • Kellie
    5 years ago

    I rearranged the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. Not a good plan!!!!! Believe me, we all understand. There are things that need to be done and sometimes we just try to do too much all at once while there is a rare day of feeling well!

  • Scott Howard
    5 years ago

    Yeah, I raked the yard and cleaned out the shed. Not so smart.

  • Carol Tschida
    5 years ago

    I’m having one of those days today. Your post reminded me that even though I want to make several more batches of zucchini bread in addition to the two I’ve baked today and get the guest room ready to paint. It won’t be worth it tomorrow. So I will sit back and enjoy some hot tea with a slice of bread and be thankful for those two batches. The guest room can wait until I have help. Thanks for reminder.

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