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I have told my story that I’m 61 years old and have had RA for 34 years. The information I want to share is my Dr. can’t believe that I’m not in a lot of pain. I say it is because I eat no gluetin Check out Dr. David Perlmutter. His research. and diet.
Hope I have helped you.

Norreen B. Clark

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  • Mariah Z. Leach moderator
    6 years ago

    Hi Norreen – Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I’m glad that you have found an option that helps you keep your symptoms under control. I have often heard of people finding success with a gluten-free diet, so I do think that it is always worth a try! Unfortunately I tried being gluten-free for six full months with no improvement to my RA symptoms, so I am living proof that it won’t work for everyone. There is no scientific evidence that any particular diet will help with RA symptoms and most people with moderate to severe RA will still need medications to help keep their symptoms under control.

  • Norreen Clark author
    6 years ago

    Dr. Mark Hyman has a book called The Ultra Mind Solution. In this book is a diet to follow for 6 weeks. The diet is a lot like the Palo diet. Also I had to give gluten up for quite awhile before I started to see a difference. Also you can look into Reiki. You see I believe there is a better way, and I always ask God to show me the way. I do not know if I should say this but I’m on face book as Norreen Barden Barden is my maiden name.

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