I am seriously considering not taking anymore biologics

Biologics and their offspring seem not to work very well for me. Since 2000 I have tried about a dozen starting with Remicade and ending with Xeljanz. Two, Methotrexate and Xeljanz were particularly malevolent, made me really sicker. Most were benign or I was un-responsive, Two or three like Enbrel were promising for a while but then quit without so much as a bye your leave. I have tried T cell modifiers, B cell modifiers, immune cell cappers: they have been taken by the day, week or month: and ingested either by pill, injection or iv, all with the same results: no cigar.

This is neither a rant nor a whine. It is a question. Having had a no name association with RA for 20 years along with no biologics to treat it, I am well aware of its proclivities to create pain, fatigue and mayhem to our bodies. I know what a mind bending flare is like, lights one up from your nose to your toes. and I know all too well about the few tools available to deal with it.

I have been off biologics since late January 2018. Xeljanz was tearing up my intestines so I stopped taking them. Two attempts to restart were failures. I am know waiting approval for Kevzara, a drug with equally nasty side effects.

Contemplating a trial with biologic number 13, and I am asking myself the question, “am I better off not taking biologics and dealing with RA with the pain killers and ice”. This is tough question. Having 9 weeks of experience with no biologics, having beaten back several descent flairs with Percocet’s, valium and cyclobenzaprine, and knowing that my daily pain levels seem similar to what was experienced while on biologics, I am remembering what life was before the year 2000.

Another way of saying this is, for me I do not know if the last 18 years of association with biologics were better than if we had not met. My RA seems to have progressed, whether at a normal or stunted pace I know not. It is just that, on a comparison bases, I am not sure that biologics were worth the trip.

confused in Frisco


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