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Should I Have A Concern?

I’ve been on ENBREL injections for the past two months and I’ve notice some changes in my fingers.
My ring finger on the left hand has a big knot on it and it just popped up in one day, the previous night I remembered experiencing an excruciating amount of pain, then the next day there was this knot that seemed to hardened on the mid knuckle bone of the left ring finger.
The same thing happened to my thumb on the same hand, a few weeks later on the same hand there is a nodule or strange movement of the bone on my left pinky finger.
What’s going on here? Can someone tell me? I won’t see my Rheumatologist until May.

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  • sonial1t6
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, I posted a longer reply than “sorry”, but it disappeared. So sorry to hear what you experienced. I’ve been on ENBREL for a year. That’s not the ENBREL. That’s your RA acting up. It sounds like the ENBREL is not mitigating your RA symptoms enough. I concur with Michael to call your rheumatologist for an earlier appointment.

  • sonial1t6
    2 years ago

    Hi Jennifer. Sorry

  • Michael Booth moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Jennifer, so sorry to hear you are going through these complications. Though I have been on Enbrel and a few other biologics, I have not experienced the knots you are speaking of. Perhaps someone else who has had a similar complication can chime in here. In the meantime I would encourage you to see if you can get an emergency appointment with your doctor or if a nurse at the office can call and discuss what your are experiencing with you. No doubt it sounds painful and worrisome. I wish I could provide more info, but this seems like something worth bringing to the attention of a professional as soon as possible. Best wishes — Michael ( team member).

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