The RA story never ends. . . . .

Most stories either have a happy ending, or a sad one. Our stories as RA patients (don’t ever call me a “victim”) are on-going and there is no end in sight. Mine started about 6 years ago and I was finally diagnosed in May of 2015. Since then it has been a story with a lot of ups and downs. Meds worked and then they didn’t. Side effects were a problem with some meds and with others not so much. There have been days that the couch was my best friend and days when I felt semi-“normal.”

Right now at this time I would settle for an ending because it would be a happy one. After over a year and a half of trying to find the right med combo I am at this time in something very close to remission. I am at a point where I actually can forget that RA is a part of my life. I can actually put it out of my mind. I do have some pretty major joint deformation in my feet and that is an ongoing problem that will have no ending but I ain’t complaining! Will this remission last? I have no idea. How long will it last? Again, I have no idea. I am just thankful to the Lord above for a caring Rheumatologist who went the extra mile to get me to where I am today and for the meds that are available to us that weren’t there a very few years ago.

In this story of ours there is always hope. Never give up, never stop fighting and by all means get some help! This is not a story that one needs to write solo. Everyone is unique and we all have our own story to write, I refuse to let RA write it for me. It is my wish, hope and dream that a cure will be found and there can be a happy ending for all of us. Until then we will control the plot of our own individual story as much as is possible and pray for that happy ending or at the very least a positive storyline for each chapter. Dave

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