Yet Another Chapter in my RA Story. . . .

2 years post diagnosis. Had symptoms 5 years prior to diagnosis. Feet are a royal mess (That’s where this whole saga started.) I just started on Orencia (my third biologic.) I had a good run with Cimzia, about 4 months of almost total remission and then about 3 months ago things stated falling apart…again! Such is the roller-coaster ride that we are on. I just got the second “loading” infusion this week. I will return in 2 weeks for the third and after that monthly infusions. I am not seeing any relief yet. Here’s hoping that it kicks in SOON. I have some living yet to do and I’m tired of the couch! With that out of the way I’m thankful to be alive and still able to fight this monster that we here do battle with. If you have read any of my posts here you know that my attitude from the get-go has been one of “I will not give in.” That has not changed, nor will it! RA may (and does, sometimes) knock us down but to stay down is not an option. God bless us all and keep fighting!

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