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I was recently diagnosed with RA nearly a year ago. I had been tested multiple times prior and always tested negative. I started dating a man that had severe RA with fevers and chills during his episodes. Sometimes it would take him 4 hours to get his feet operable enough to get out of his bedroom in the mornings. I can’t help but to wonder if somehow, I developed my issues because of some virus I contracted from him because my test results were very high CCPAB was 200 and ANA was 1280. I am a train wreck – I hurt all over – my lungs are affected, my eyes, my heart, my feet, my wrists, and recently I had an episode with my throat – it hurt so bad I could hardly swallow and when I did it sounded like bones crunching – it went away the next day but my neck felt so tender and bruised. I have no health insurance and I have multi sensitivities to medications especially steroids – I have no treatment options other than diet at this moment. I’m so scared it’s going to kill me. I’m only 51. I wish I knew what caused this – perhaps then I could know how to help my body get through this with little damage.

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