Taking Charge of Your RA

Don't Tell RA Patients What They Could Be Doing to Cure Themselves
Suiting Up . . . For a Day at the Office

Preparing for a Rheumatology Appointment

Even after all these years, I feel anticipation and sometimes anxiety as my rheumatology appointment approaches. My thoughts circle around: what will he say? What will my blood test results indicate? Am... READ MORE

Community Ideas: Needle Fatigue

Since injections may be part of many of our community members’ RA treatment plans, we asked our Facebook community: “Do you have tips for battling ‘needle fatigue’? If you self-inject, how do... READ MORE
Not Guilty

Not Guilty

I would guess that the idea of guilt has crossed the minds of most, if not all, of us who face RA.  There are stages of grief that accompany the diagnosis of... READ MORE

Flare Action Plan: Do You Have One?

The dreaded rheumatoid arthritis flare—we hope to avoid them, but it is not always up to us. We work hard to maintain our health, stick with our treatments, and work carefully with... READ MORE

Balancing Family and RA

In this millennium there’s been a lot of talk about the capacity for women to “have it all” in no longer having to choose between having children or having a career. I... READ MORE
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