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How do your RA treatments impact your life?

  • By Heather Jackson


    As part of a school project, I am working to understand how RA impacts the lives of those who are living with it.

    I would love to hear from you if you are willing to help me!

    Any insights you can offer would be a great help. I’ve included some questions as possible starting places, but I would love to hear anything you are willing to share.

    I chose this thread in particular to ask about the ways in which your RA treatments are impacting your life, for example cost, side-effects of medication, stress, impacts to your relationships, time investment etc.

    How many hours per week do you spend on treatment? Did you have to try multiple treatments to find something that works for you? Have you been able to find effective treatment? Do you use multiple treatments simultaneously for better results? What problems have you encountered in your efforts to obtain treatment?

    Thank you so much for your time!!!


  • By Mariah Z. Leach Moderator

    Hi Heather ~

    It’s great that you’re working on understanding the impact of RA – those of us living every day with RA could certainly benefit from more understanding! As a contributor to this site, I’ve written pretty extensively about my experiences – including answers to many of the questions that you pose. You can read more about my story here:

    As for getting feedback from the rest of our community, you may want to consider checking out our Facebook page:

    Best of luck with your project!

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

  • By Heather Jackson


    Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! Your blog is a rich source of information. I expect to read absolutely every post before too long. I had no idea the co-pay on biologics was so high, or that they had to be refrigerated!

    Thanks for the facebook group link also. I will definitely check that out.


  • By Anonymous

    Hi Heather, Thanks for your interest. You didn’t say whether or not that you are an RA patient. If you are I am sure that you have already experienced some of the frustrations that are an integral part of our world! If you are not an RA patient then you came to the right place! Treating RA can be a handful in itself. The Dr. visits, side effects of meds and the cost of the meds can sometimes turn into a nightmare. My Rheumatologist is great. The treatment plan that I am currently on is working great at this point in time. Visits to his office are always a pleasant experience with short wait times. Some of the meds that treat RA come with some pretty nasty side effects. Probably the worst for me has been Methotrexate. I have been on it for about a year and a half. Usually for about 2 days after I do the injection I feel pretty lousy. That effect has worsened over time to the point that my Dr. cut my dosage in half at my last visit and that has made it a lot more tolerable. A biologic that I was on caused an injection site reaction that was pretty dramatic. Getting thru the minefield of getting the meds and not breaking your bank account can be a problem. I am retired and am at this time doing ok with this aspect of it, thanks again to my Rheumatologist and a good Medicare supplement plan. I am thankful that at this point in time there are treatments for RA that can be very effective. Some of the potential side effects of the meds are scary but dealing with RA without them is way more scary for me. With the treatment plan that I am on I live a pretty normal life. Without it, well I don’t even want to go there. Thanks again for your interest. Dave