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How is your pain at night?

  • By Sharon Fritz

    I have been waking up a night with almost more pain at night than day. Everything hurts and it is so painful to move or roll over. why is that? Thank you

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  • By StillFlaring

    No expert, but I can relate my experience.
    With RA, when you spend time in any one position, you stiffen up, then try rolling over and everything hurts all over again. That’s why it takes so long to get moving in the mornings.
    Having a lot of sleepless nights myself from this. Are you in a flare? I’m told it is worse when in flare.

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  • By Dave

    Before my diagnosis about 2 months ago and before the meds I would wake myself(and the wife)just from trying to turn over in bed. I know exactly what you mean.

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  • By Carol

    yes,,worse at night, as evening sets in, so does the RA , I take ativan so I can sleep, and I find sleeping on my back with my back and head a little elevated ,,I don’t move around as much , just that I really like to sprawl out ya know ? hahahaha. wouldn’t a sleep number bed be nice ? =o)

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  • By Jana

    This is my first post on this forum. Reading the small issues that others put in words has been so helpful to know I’m not the only one who feels like this. The last 2 mornings I have woke up at 4 needing to go to the bathroom and couldn’t stand to even put my right foot on the floor to be able to hobble to the bathroom. I have a cane but had to use crutches today for the first time to get around in my own house.

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