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Ra symptoms

  • By shweta

    Hi,I recently got my blood test done.Below are my results

    My RF factor is 27,CCP is negative,ana is negative,ESR is negative.
    Vitamin b12 high.
    I gave birth to beautiful baby girl last year in January.I am consistently facing knee pain and body pain since then.

    I have no swelling and stiffness.I was taking a drug caleat KD plus for calcium.It has 1500 microgram of vitamin b12 also.

    It seems like high vitamin b12 is because of tablet.Does that also affect Ra factor or do I really have ra or like it is start.

  • By ktinflorida

    Hi Shweta. I don’t know much about this, but if your doctor told you that you have RA and your bloodwork is positive for RA, then I would believe them. What I did find is that a study was done that showed no correlation between high B12 and RA, but I don’t know anything about the study or it’s parameters.
    Is there a reason you are doubting the diagnosis other than just the usual denial that we all go through?
    I don’t have noticeable swelling in my joints and they aren’t red. I do have stiffness. From my regular person, non-medical viewpoint, I would agree that the med you were on was the cause of your elevated B12. Once you are off the med for a while I would think it would go back to more normal levels. If it doesn’t, you might want to specifically ask your doctor about it.
    I have heard of people developing RA after childbirth. From what I have read, it is a very common trigger and that may be part of why your doctor made the diagnosis that they did.
    But for the good news, congratulations on your new baby.